Will "The Thrill" Morgan, played by Jacques Apollo Bolton, is a professional basketball player.

Basketball BluesEdit

Will met Harriette in secret and she invited him over to their house before Carl did. She tells him that she had been concerned Carl's overzealous ways in forcing Eddie to trying out for Vanderbilt High's basketball team and being a professional basketball player. She wanted to teach him a lesson in doing so and Will agreed to help her. Under pretenses, he never let Carl know that he knew the truth about what he was doing from Harriette and claimed he will help talk to Eddie about trying out for his school's basketball team.

While talking to him inside the school gymnasium for a basketball training session, Will discovers that Eddie was having a hard time figuring out what he wanted. He also sees the truth in Harriette's words about Carl. Will encourages Eddie to go his own way and decide what he wanted to do. This made Eddie feel better about having his support, but it also depresses Carl. Will notices this and lectures him for forcing his own dreams of being a professional basketball player on Eddie.