What Do You Know? is episode nineteen of the eighth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, that originally aired from ABC on February 28, 1997. It was directed by Richard Correll written both by Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan.

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In order to win big on a game show, Eddie uses Urkel's transformation chamber to gain Urkel's smarts, only to have Urkel as an opponent.

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After Urkel refuses to attend a game show called "What Do You Know?" in Eddie's place and tells him off to study for the show, he pays Urkel back by getting into the transformation chamber to transform Eddie Winslow into Eddie Urkel to gain Steve's smarts to clean up on the show.

Meanwhile, Maxine invites Laura to see Blackstreet & Dr. Dre in concert, but it just so happens to be on the same night that Laura promised Carl that she would spend some time with him. When Carl finds out and with his feelings are hurt, Maxine wisely gives up her ticket so he and Laura can go to see Blackstreet together.

On the show "What Do You Know?, Eddie learns a hard lesson about studying and working hard when Urkel shows up as one of his opponents to stop him. During the contest and despite matching wits in the science and other intellect field, Urkel proves to be a tough opponent and exposes Eddie's lack of studying skills. This made the third contestant, Lyle, feel inadequate.

By the end of the show, both Stevie and Eddie have 3970 points while Lyle got only 10. However, they answered the game's bonus question, which asked for the name of a model who appeared in a recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine, incorrectly and bet all of their points, resulting in Lyle winning.

Eddie then is more than happy to return to his normal self and has learned his lesson.

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  • Leo D. Frank III as Stage Manager
  • Monty Hoffman as Lyle
  • David Ruprecht as Lee

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  • First and only appearance of Eddie Urkel.
  • Laura proves she does show Carl respect and is willing to spend time with him at Blackstreet's concert. Eddie on the other hand often learns his lesson the hard way in blowing off his father for father/son activities whenever he's too busy hanging out with his own friends or going out on his dates with other girls

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