What's Up Doc?
Season 6, Episode 21
What's Up Doc
Air Date March 31, 1995
Writer(s) Fred Fox Jr.
Jim Geoghan
Director Richard Correll
Previous Cheers Looking at You, Kid
Next We're Going to Disney World (Part 1)

What's Up Doc? is episode twenty-one of season six from the television sitcom on Family Matters. This show was originally aired from ABC on March 31, 1995. It was directed by Richard Correll and written both by Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan.

Plot Edit

The Winslows visit a family psychiatrist to air their grievances about Urkel in this clip show. Well, Carl, Eddie and Laura do, anyway. Harriette, however, tells the psychiatrist that even though Steve may seem bothersome at times, he's had plenty of virtues too.

Synopsis Edit

Highlights of the series' first six years - mainly, the Winslows' experiences with Urkel - are featured in this clip show. Carl, Eddie and Laura all complain about how much Steve wrecked their lives.

First, Eddie tells the doctor about the story when he and Steve went on a double date with their steadies, Sue and Myra. Urkel ran his big mouth to Sue about Eddie's previous girlfriend, Tiffany, and how he treated her to a swanky restaurant. An angry and humiliated Eddie denies knowing her and claims he loves Sue, which Steve calls that a lie. Sue leaves him and called him a lying two-faced cheat. Eddie tells the doctor that he has ruined his relationships with his girlfriends.

Next, Carl talked about being the unwilling test subject for Steve's inventions failing on him, especially when he made a new invention that helps you vacuum while listening to the radio. He told him to take elsewhere because they were doing Spring cleaning at the house, but Urkel refused. When he tested it, it blew up in his face and it caused Carl to have the twich on his left eye. He goes on to explain to the doctor that Steve had nearly killed him on several occasions with flashbacks to back it up.

Finally, Laura tells the doctor of her own experiences with Steve since the second grade and beyond. She tells him how much he embarrassed her on Dudes in one episode, chased away her prospect suitors from her and overall made her life into a living hell. The doctor asks if all this was true and Steve admitted so.

When Urkel was about to apologize for his actions, Harriette steps up and defends him by setting her family straight. She reminds them that while he had annoyed them, he also helped them out before. Carl challenges her to name two times, but she comes up with several times and reminds him that he has short term memory. She tells the doctor her story about how much she appreciated Steve for all the nice things he's done for them.

Clips air when Laura remembers how sweet and brave Steve was in standing up to Vanderbilt Middle School's resident school bully, Willie Fuffner, while they were in the 8th grade. He antagonized her because she refused to go to the dance with him and he kept sending her prospect male dates to the sidelines because they're scared of standing up to him. However, Urkel refused to back down to Willie and defended Laura's refusal to date him. Next, she remembers how nice Steve was in setting her up with Ted Curran for the homecoming dance. Then, he found her cherished childhood doll, Emily at the dump and even though it took him 16 hours to find her, she was so grateful to him for saving her Christmas that she hugged him.

For Eddie, he remembered teaming up with Urkel to save his father from drowning under the ice. They had to make a human chain to save him and Steve was the lightest to reach him. After he did so, Eddie pulled them to safety.

Carl remembered one time when he was unconcious, Urkel saved his life by using CPR to revive him because he ignored his warning to unplug the lamp and was electrocuted as a result. Harriette finished up her story about the wonderful things Steve did for their family and tells the doctor if it wasn't for him, her husband wouldn't be alive today. Carl had to admit that she was right about what she said. He, Eddie and Laura apologizes to Urkel for putting him through all the hell they did with their complaints.

The next day, Carl is glad to see his twitch gone and the doctor gives him an expensive bill, that brings it all back. Later on, due to Urkel's clumsiness, he accidentally wrecks the doctor's office and ends with him chasing the nerd.

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Rachel True as Sue
  • Lisa Colbert as Receptionist
  • Thom Sharp as Himself

Trivia Edit

  • Judy Winslow is featured in a flashback clip, even though she was written out of the series.
  • Willie also appeared in a flashback clip, although he too was written off the show.

Quotes Edit


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