We're Going to Disney World: Part 2 is the 23 episode in the six season of Family Matters


Myra makes a beeline for Walt Disney World, suspecting something is amiss with her "Steviekins". And it's no Mickey Mouse worry: as Stefan, he's proposed marriage to Laura. Meanwhile Eddie and Waldo's car is stolen by a female con- artist leaving them hitching a ride.


During her time spent with Stefan, Laura confesses to sabatoging the transformation chamber so that she could be with him. Myra meanwhile tries to stop Stefan from proposing to Laura. Can Waldo read a map? Guess not, since he and Eddie wind up in Canada. Eventually, their car is stolen, leaving them hitching a ride. Meanwhile, Carl weighs a job offer in Florida while Myra arrives and finds out that Stefan and Laura are getting married and Steve will never come back. The sadness makes Laura feel guilty and she wanted Stefan to fix the chamber.


  • This episode along with the previous one were both shot on location in Orlando Florida

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