We're Going to Disney World: Part 1 is the 22nd episode of Family Matters. In the this episode Steve's transformation chamber made into the finals of an innoventions fair at Disney World and Steve invites the Winslow's to come along.


Thanks to his transformation chamber, Urkel wins a trip to Disney World and invites the Winslows along. During a science convention, the nerd demonstrates the chamber, emerges as Stefan. Meanwhile, Eddie has to work but eventually gets Waldo to drive him to Orlando, Florida but can Waldo read a map? Also Carl started to have the time of his life while visiting Florida. After Stefan came out of the chamber, Laura ruined the wires on it to let Stefan stay and have a romantic time together. Then at night Stefan proposes to Laura and then Myra wakes up back at her home in Chicago sensing that something is wrong with Urkel.


Steve is a finalist in an Innoventions contest at Walt Disney World. He invites the Winslow family whom all are thrilled about going except for Carl who is too concerned about leaving work behind. Myra is unable to be with her Steve as well.

Steve's entry in the contest is none other than his transformation chamber which he will used to transform into Stephan. Much to Laura's excitement he does at the contest but before Stephan is asked to go back into the transformation chamber and change back into Steve (to prove he's not faking it) Laura messes with the machine while no one is looking. When he does go in Stephan believes that there was a malfunction affected by the shipping of his machine. The judges decide to postpone the results of the contest for three more days while Stephan and Laura spend some time together in the happiest place on earth.

Meanwhile to save money, Eddie and Waldo decide to drive down to Disney World but they encounter chaos along the way.

Laura begins to regret not having Steve around while they're at Disney World until something happens that no one expected. In a giant crowd of spectators against a fairy tale setting, Stephan Urquelle proposes to Laura. She accepts.

Back in Chicago, Myra wakes up in the middle of the night. Something tells her that Steve is in trouble. In the next episode she is on her way to Orlando.


  • The episode and the next one were shot on location in Orlando Florida

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