season 6 episode 22 We're Going To Disney World part 1/2 Steve Urkel's Transform Machine made the finals and tells the family he is going to Disney world and he bring them to so he will turn in to Stefan Urquelle and Laura Winslow wants him to stay as Stefan Urquelle . Buts Carl Winslow says he be busy at work so we wont go but then Estelle Winslow says to Carl Winslow That his father never took him to Disney world and so they go to disney world as soon as the family gets there Carl Winslow does his police work then looks up and says "I'm gonna have fun" and so at the finals when Steve Urkels turns into Stefan Urquelle . Laura Winslow Damaged the Transform Machine and so the finals will still go on in 3 days so Carl Winslow has fun with Estelle Winslow , Harriette Winslow , Rachel Crawford, Richie Crawford. Laura Winslow and Stefan Urquelle have fun there and then Stefan Urquelle Says "Laura Winslow will you marry me" Laura Says "Yes I will" and then Myra Monkhouse says "There is something wrong with Steve"


  • At the time of filming, there were only three parks in Disney World.

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