Uncle Cecil Urkel


First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
"Paris Vacation (Part 2) (mentioned ; died)"
Others Names:
Uncle Cecil (by Steve)
Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Herb Urkel (brother)
Uncle Ernie Urkel (brother)
Aunt Muriel Urkel (sister)
Big Daddy Urkel (brother)
Uncle Omar Urkel (brother)
Aunt Oona (sister)
Dirk Urkel (brother)
Steve Urkel (nephew)
Myrtle Urkel (Niece)
Cornelius Eugene Urkel (nephew)
Diane Urkel (sister-in-law)
Julie Urkel

Uncle Cecil Urkel is was the uncle of Steve and the brother of Steve's father. Mentioned by Steve Urkel. Uncle Cecil appeared to be one of the few Urkel relatives who liked Steve and the only family member that was willing to allow Steve to spend Christmas with him, however this never came to happen as he ended up being arrested. Uncle Cecil appears to have a bit of a drinking problem as once during Christmas he drank so much he ran out of his house stark naked while wearing a stalking over his head (which was the reason for the arrest). Uncle Cecil is also very lucky when it comes to gambling and once earned a killing in Diane Urkel's illegal casino. Cecil also enjoys painting via sniffing then sneezing out paint.

In Paris Vacation (Part 2), Steve mentioned him to Stefan stating that Cecil knew about background screens. Stefan soon asked Steve if Cecil was his uncle as well, to which the latter couldn't really give a clear answer on since the connection was murky after Stefan used to be his clone that got transformed. Steve then mentioned it made no difference since Cecil was dead. This meant sometime Cecil passed away through unknown means.

In Lost In Space (Part 1), Cecil was one of the relatives Steve was planning to invite to the wedding. This is confusing due to Steve mentioning the latter was dead, its possible this was an continuity error or a mistake on Steve's part.