Tyrone P. Jackson is Laura's guardian angel, played by T.K. Carter. He plays the keyboard.


He wears a suit, no tie and a trench coat with a Christmas suit.

Season 4Edit

Tyrone makes his only appearance in It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Urkel sent to Earth to confront Laura for hurting Steve's feelings. Using his angel remote, Tyrone freezes time and grants her wish by watching the Angel Broadcasting Channel(ABC). Though she sees Steve become Steve Winslow, he tells Laura there is a catch to her wish and she will find out what life is like as an Urkel. Tyrone teleports her inside Laura Urkel's body to endure the emotions that she inflicted on Steve. After bringing her back to real life, Laura feels remorse for the way she mistreated Steve and changes her wish, the one Tyrone was really here to grant. He later receives his wings for a good job he's done.

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