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Two-Income Family
Season 01, Episode 02
Two Income Family
Air Date September 29, 1989
Writer Robert Blair
Director James O'Keefe
Previous The Mama Who Came to Dinner
Next Short Story

Two-Income Family is the second episode of Season One and the overall second episode. It was aired on September 29, 1989. It was written by Robert Blair and directed by James O'Keefe.


Financial matters wreck havoc with family matters when, because of automation, Harriette loses her job as the elevator operator at the Chicago Chronicle, and Carl stews over the family's mounting debts.

Harriette returns to the Chronicle to apply for a position as head of security, and she talks Mr. Seeger, who was her boss at the Chronicle, into giving her the job.



  • The song "As Days Go By" is used as the theme song starting with this episode.
  • In the beginning of the series, Eddie is supposed to be the "idiot" of the show. Later in the series, that role will be taken over by Waldo Faldo (and sometimes Steve Urkel) while Eddie is developed into a mischievious teen.
  • There is a slight change in the opening credits; Mother Winslow's scene where she's reading a magazine on the porch has been updated and Judy's scene has also been updated; she's now playing with her dollhouse on the kitchen table and it's Jaimee Foxworth instead of Valerie Jones.
  • The back of Valerie Jones (who played Judy Winslow in the pilot episode) can still be seen in the opening credits at the dinner table scene. It remains that way until the end of the first season.


Carl (to Harriette): Tell me this is a joke!
Harriette: No, that's my severance.
Rachel: What happened?
Harriette: Well, the Chronicle was holding off on upgrading to an automatic elevator. They like me and didn't have the heart to let me go. That is until I followed someone's advice, marched into that office like a fool and asked for a raise.
Carl (to Eddie): Edward, your mother was fired.
Eddie: From her job?
Carl: No, from a cannon.
Judy (while talking about the Great Depression): What's a Depression?
Estelle: That was a long time ago, honey. The banks had failed and people had to live on practically nothing. (scoops out a small amount of mashed turnips on a plate and hands it to Eddie) Here. Give this to your father.
Judy: Laura, what's seven times nine?
Laura: Sixty-three.
Judy: Thanks. Laura, what's eight times nine?
Laura: Seventy-two.
Judy: Laura, what's nine....
Laura (yells): EIGHTY- ONE!


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