The Quilt
Season 1, Episode 11
The Quilt
Air Date December 8, 1989
Writer(s) David Scott Richardson
Director Peter Baldwin
Previous False Arrest
Next Laura's First Date

The Quilt is episode eleven of the first season from the television sitcom on Family Matters. This show was originally aired from ABC on December 8, 1989. It was directed by Peter Baldwin and written by David Scott Richardson.

Plot Edit

During a garage sale in which Laura hopes to raise enough money to buy a VCR, Laura sells a quilt -- not knowing that the quilt is 200 years old, and that it's the only Winslow family record that exists.

When Laura is told what the quilt means to Mother Winslow, Laura feels guilty about selling it, so Laura and Carl set out to get the quilt back from Brooke Nash, the art dealer who bought it and is now reluctant to give it back, even if it is a precious heirloom. Laura makes an impassioned, tearful, all-out plea to get it back. Carl and Laura convince her to give the blanket back.

Also, Rachel finds her old saxophone and tries to learn to play it despite the family's complaints.

Synopsis Edit

Estelle shows off an heirloom quilt that's been in the Winslow family for more than 200 years. Despite being told not to sell the quilt at the family's garage sale, Laura accidentally does so when a museum curator offers $200 for it. Laura then goes all out to get the quilt back, using a tearful speech to soften up the stubborn curator. Estelle is impressed and lets Laura keep the quilt until it's her turn to pass it down a generation.

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Ann Ryerson as Brooke Nash

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