Tender Kisses
Season 4, Episode 15
Tender Kisses
Air Date February 5, 1993
Writer(s) Fred Fox Jr.
Jim Geoghan
Director John Tracy
Previous A Thought in the Dark
Next Heart Strings

Tender Kisses is episode fifteen of season four from the television sitcom on Family Matters. This show was originally aired on February 5, 1993. It was directed by John Tracy and written both by Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan.

Plot Edit

Unable to get tickets to a Tracie Spencer concert, Eddie, Waldo and Weasel plot to sneak into the rhythm-and-blues singer's hotel room to procure them. Meanwhile, Carl is suspicious when he constantly sees Harriette writing in her diary and gets Urkel to read it to him, only to discover that she had planted a fake diary because she was aware he was going to read it.

Synopsis Edit

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

Recurring Edit

Cameo Edit

  • Tracie Spencer as Herself
  • Stoney Jackson as Lee

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This episode played by the singer-songwriter Tracie Spencer.

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