Ted Curran, played by Patrick J. Dancy, is a popular jock who made his first appearance in Hot Wheels. He is the cousin of Myra Monkhouse.

Season 4Edit

Ted was introduced as a guy selling candy for his high school football team who Laura is infatuated with. Unfortunately when he asked her on a date, Urkel wasn't happy about it. However, Ted stands as one of the few of Laura's serious boyfriends that he hadn't chased away. Urkel did so by accident when he carelessly got his hand stuck to her shoulder from the superglue he created in his attempt in fixing Laura's broken earring. He later made up for it and helped Ted ask her out to the homecoming dance in Dance to the Music. When he asked why Urkel is willing to miss out in asking her out, he mentions that Laura wants to go with Ted and not him

In Rumor Has It..., Ted got into some trouble when Urkel overheard him talking to his friends about Laura and him going all the way. Steve knew it was a lie and when Laura finally learned the truth from Maxine, she enlisted his and Eddie's help to get the truth out. Being more intimidated by an angry Eddie who under threat of being beaten up, Ted confessed it was a lie his friends, Weasel and Jim, made in order to make him the big man on campus and that he had a normal date with Laura. Laura appeared to talk to him and angered by his actions, she breaks up with him first.

She and Ted would later reconcile in Muskrat Love at the Sadie Hawkins dance with Maxine's help. In A Thought in the Dark, Ted was instrumental in helping distract Steve by setting him up with his beautiful and nerdy cousin, Myra. He and Laura would break up for good in Heart Strings when they got into a fight over Ted being friends with a girl in his class and flirting with her in front of Laura.

It's unknown what happened to Ted afterwards.


  • Out of Laura's would-be boyfriends, Ted, Ziggy, Stefan(separate person) and Curtis are the only ones Urkel hasn't chased away.
  • Weasel started off as Ted's friend and was only referred by his proper nickname, Alex.