Straight A's
Season 1, Episode 5
Straight A's (episode)
Air Date October 20, 1989
Writer(s) Geoff Gordon
Gordon Lewis
Director John Bowab
Previous Rachel's First Date
Next Basketball Blues

Straight A's is episode five of the first season from the television sitcom on Family Matters. This show was originally aired from ABC on October 20, 1989. It was directed by John Bowab and written both by Geoff Gordon and Gordon Lewis.

Plot Edit

On report card day, Eddie is expecting the worst, Laura is expecting nothing but the best, and Carl might be expecting too much from Eddie when Carl sees straight A's on Eddie's report card. What Carl and Eddie don't know is that Eddie's friend Rodney Beckett got into the school records and made a fake report card to make Eddie look good. How will Eddie break the news to his family when he finds out?

Synopsis Edit

It is in a way silly idea, and it doesn't really match: why would the real report card of Eddie go home a day after the ones of the girls? But it is still made very well.

I like how it wasn't Eddie who faked it. This way there was not too much emphasis on him doing a mistake and then regret it, but just on Carl being too crazy about grades. Eddie's grades weren't all that bad. They actually were better than before.

I liked Eddie's talks with both Rachel and his father. Really good writing!

Laura is the one I still have problems with. I just don't find her character funny, just annoying.

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