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Carl Winslow, holding "Carlsbad", an ventriloquist dummy version of Carl.

Stevil: This Time, He's Not Alone (Also known as Stevil II: This Time, He's Not Alone), is the third (and final) Halloween episode, also the 7th episode of season 9 of Family Matters, and the 200th episode overall. The episode aired on Halloween, October 31, 1997. It is also marks a sequel to the season 8 episode, "Stevil". In this episode. Previous a mind is a terrible thing to read Next trading places


Stevil returns to haunt Steve Urkel and wreck havoc on the Winslow Home, but, he's not alone (like the episode title): he brings "Carlsbad" (an evil ventriloquist version of Carl Winslow) to help him.


The follow-up to last season's Halloween episode "Stevil", an evil ventriloquist dummy that looks just like Steve. In this episode, Stevil is accompanied by Carlsbad, an equally evil dummy that looks like Carl.

Today is Halloween and Steve plans to spend a nice, quiet one with his girlfriend, Laura. Unfortunately Stevil, his evil ventriloquist dummy is back with a vengeance with his ex-girlfriend, Myra's help in putting him back together. This time he's not alone, his sidekick, Carlsbad is going to help him try to take over Steve and Carl's souls and place them into their dummy forms meanwhile they pose as the real Steve and Carl. Can Steve and Carl stop them before they wreck havoc in the Winslow House? 

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