Steven Cornelius Urkel

Steven C. Urkel

First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
"Father of the Bride"
Portrayed by:
Herb Urkel (paternal grandfather)
Diane Urkel (paternal grandmother)
Myrtle Mae Urkel (paternal second cousin)
Carl Winslow (maternal grandfather)
Harriette Winslow (maternal grandmother)
Eddie Winslow (maternal uncle)
Judy Winslow (maternal aunt)
Rachel Crawford (maternal great aunt)
Richie Crawford (maternal second cousin)
Estelle Winslow (maternal great-grandmother)

Steven Cornelius Urkel (born 2000s) is the future son of Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow and the brother of Steven Aloysius, Steven Bertram, Stephanie Laurine and Stephanie Sue Urkel. He makes his only known appearance in the episode Father of the Bride. He sounds very laid back and cool when he introduces himself to his grandfather and grandmother, despite taking after his father.

His middle name would later be used as the first name of one of his father's relatives, Cornelius Eugene Urkel.

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