The Slug Boy is one of Steve Urkel's inventions. It is a reclining easy chair with a built-in popcorn maker and other features designed for relaxation.

Invention and UseEdit

The Slug Boy appears in the cold-open segment of the episode "Twinkle Toes Faldo" (season 7, episode 20). Steve has recently invented the Slug Boy and asks Carl to help him test it.

Carl is initially delighted by the Slug Boy's features, including a popcorn maker and soft drink dispenser. He becomes concerned when the chair heats up and vibrates. Steve reassures Carl that these are design features, but when Carl reports that the Slug Boy has begun emitting smoke, Steve reveals that this is a malfunction. The Slug Boy then begins dispensing popcorn and iced tea at an uncontrollable rate until its reserves are depleted, leaving the Winslow living room a mess.

It is never revealed what became of the Slug Boy after this episode. Steve mentions to Carl that his patent application is pending in Washington, but the audience is never told whether the patent was granted or whether Steve put the Slug Boy into commercial production.

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