Skip to My Lieu
Season 2, Episode 23
Skip to My Lieu
Air Date April 1, 1991
Writer(s) Charlene Seeger
Director Richard Correll
Previous Finding the Words
Next The Good the Bad the Urkel

Skip to My Lieu is episode twenty-three of season two from the television sitcom on Family Matters. This show was originally aired from ABC on April 1, 1991. It was directed by Richard Correll and written by Charlene Seeger.

Plot Edit

Carl's chances at a promotion hinge on his ability to get Lt. Murtaugh a date with Rachel. Meanwhile, Steve hopes to vie for Laura's affections with an ID bracelet.

Synopsis Edit

With Carl wanting a promotion for his police job, He goes to desperate measures which include, first having Lt. Murtaugh, Carl's boss, come to the Winslow house to talk about the promotion with Carl, he encounters Rachel. Lt. Murtaugh then made a deal with Carl that Carl will get the promotion if Carl will arrange for Lt. Murtaugh to go on a date with Rachel. Rachel ends up having a horrible time and wants nothing to do with Lt. Murtaugh ever again.

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