Silver's Gym, was a gymnasium introduced in season 2's Requiem for an Urkel. It has a boxing ring that Willie Fuffner and Steve Urkel used in their fight with the audience watched it and Coach Redding refereed. Willie's supervisor was his friend, Waldo, and Urkel's supervisors were Carl and Eddie. During the fight, Greg and the other guys were inspired by Steve's bravery and demands that Willie fights them next. Being ganged up on, he ran with Waldo and ceded defeat. Steve wins the fight by a principle and Greg is finally able to ask Laura out to the Sadie Hawkins' dance. However in a surprising twist, she refuses and decides to go with Steve instead because he was the only one who didn't cave in to Willie.

It would be seven seasons before the gym made a second and last appearance. In season 9's Whose Man Is It Anyway?, Greta and Myrtle are still fighting for Eddie's love. Laura suggested they fight it out in Silver's Gym, rather than mess up both her parents' home and her weave. Greta's supervisor was Eddie and Myrtle's has a bunch of supervisors. Although Greta quickly has the upper hand, Myrtle doesn't cave in easily and their fight continues. Eventually both women pass out and the fight ends in a draw.