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Richard Crawford


First Appearance:
"The Mama Who Came to Dinner (as a baby)
Rachel's Place (as a child)"
Last Appearance:
Portrayed by:
Joseph & Julius Wright (Season 1)
Bryton McClure (Season 2-9)
Others Names:
Little Richie
Carl Winslow (uncle)
Harriette Winslow (aunt)
Laura Winslow (cousin)
Eddie Winslow (cousin)
Judy Winslow (cousin)
Steve Urkel (uncle honorary)

Richard "Richie" Crawford is Rachel and Robert's four- to ten-year old son, nephew of Harriette and Carl Winslow, cousin of Edward, Judith, and Laura, and friend of Steve Quincy Urkel.

Richie was also friends with Little G and Jerry Jamal Jameson. He was disgusted by Gwendolyn (Naya Rivera)'s attempts to make her his daddy-mack when they were kids.

If the show continued on in its final season, a teenaged Richie becomes jealous when he learns that 3J dating Gwendolyn. Rachel has a stable job in Detroit and Richie moves out of the Winslow home to live with her. Before leaving with his mother, Richie would be present to witness the birth of his 2nd cousin, Stephanie.

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