Revenge of the Nerd is episode fourteen of the season eight in this television sitcom on Family Matters, that originally aired from ABC on January 3, 1997. It was directed by Gregg Heschong and written by Jim Geoghan.

Plot Edit

Myra and Steve break up due to Steve feeling as if she is rushing things in their relationship after she demands marriage.

When Laura finds out the sorority that she's pledging to join at the college is going to publicly embarrass Steve and the other nerds. She helps them get their revenge on the sorority and she refuses to join the them until they change their policy around her friend. Meanwhile, Carl's feud with Nick escalates further over an unknown parking violation. However, Harriette is fed up with both men being such negative influences on the kids and sets them straight once again.

Eventually, Nick and Carl realizes how much their constant fighting is a negative influence on both 3J and Richie and finally puts an end to their fighting.

Synopsis Edit

Laura is invited to join a sorority and is excited about becoming a member. That is until she learns that they constantly ridicule Urkel (and all nerds for that matter) and plan to crown him "king geek". Therefore, she must save her friend from humiliation.

Also, after realizing how his feud with Nick Neidermeyer has become a bad influence on the kids, Carl attempts to see how well they can be as friends. This eventually reveals Nick's own jealousy over Carl for having a wonderful family, while he was ditched by his wife.

Meanwhile after Urkel dumps Myra believing she is rushing too fast into marriage, he faces temptation with a beautiful college sorority president named Allison. However, when he learns from Laura what she and her sorority sisters plan to do, he confronts her for her actions. Laura also confronts Allison for it. When she is told to choose either the sorority or her nerdy friend, Laura easily chooses Urkel over the sorority. She points out that she refuses to join them until they change their policy around Steve. Urkel gets revenge by kissing Allison, who actually enjoys and returns it before Steve leaves with Laura and the other nerds.

In the end credits after he learned a hard lesson in staying true to his current steady and Laura wisely advising him to apologize to Myra, he does. Urkel asks her promise him not to rush through for marriage and just enjoy being together, which is what he wanted. Myra agrees to adhere to Steve's wishes for now.

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  • Jennie Kwan as Kimberly
  • Sanaa Lathan as Allison
  • Gregg Binkley as Lionel
  • Monique Lanier as Monica
  • Michael D. Weatherred as Clifford (credited as Michael Weatherred)

Trivia Edit

  • It was aired on January 3, 1997 same as CBS legal drama JAG (1995–2005) (after the cancellation from NBC in 1996).
  • This is the 2nd time, Laura has defended Urkel against her own peers. This time it's an elite sorority who tells her to end her friendship with him if she wanted to join them. Unlike Eddie in Beta Chi Guy, Laura refuses to join the group until they change their policy around Urkel and the other nerds.
  • Urkel is the first one to learn a hard lesson in stay true to his steady, after he was tempted by Allison. Eddie would be the 2nd one to also learn a hard lesson in staying true to Greta after being tempted by an older woman who later two-times him akin to Oneisha.

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