Pulling Teeth is episode twenty of the fourth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, that originally aired from ABC on March 5, 1993. It was directed by Gary Menteer and written both by David W. Duclon and Gary Menteer.

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A five-way phone conversation between Eddie, Waldo, Urkel, Laura and Maxine results in the unlikeliest of couples – Waldo and Maxine. And the two really hit it off! Meanwhile, Richie struggles with getting rid of a loose baby tooth, prompting Carl to help get it out. Unfortunately, he unintentionally ends up on the wrong due to Urkel's clumsiness.

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Urkel: Hey Eddo, Urk-man again. Listen, I got Laura on the other line and she wants me to warn you not to go blabbing about what happened to Roger and Maxine.
Eddie Oh, don't worry, I won't.
Urkel: Oh good.
Eddie: ...anymore
Urkel: What?
Eddie: You see, I told Waldo because he has a thing for Maxine. I'm trying to convince him to ask her out but he's afraid she'll say no.
Urkel: Auf Derliber, hang on. [puts Eddie on hold to talk to Laura] Sweetums, guess what.
Laura: What?
Urkel: Waldo likes Maxine. He wants to date her, but he's too chicken to ask.
Laura: You're kidding?!
Urkel: Hey, I never kid when it comes to Le Amour.
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