Pound Foolish
Season 8, Episode 22
Pound Foolish
Air Date April 25, 1997
Writer(s) Stephen Langford
Fred Rubin
Director Jason Bateman
Previous Flirting with Disaster
Next The Brother Who Came to Dinner

Pound Foolish is episode twenty-two of season eight from the television sitcom on Family Matters. This show was originally aired from ABC on April 25, 1997. It was directed by Jason Bateman and written both by Stephen Langford and Fred Rubin.

Plot Edit

Steve's Aunt Oona from Altoona returns to visit her nephew and the Winslows again. Unfortunately, she's embarrassed about the extra weight she gained from eating so much. She's desperate to lose the extra weight to impress Reverend Fuller at church. Steve comes up with a solution for his favorite aunt, his fat compressing invention should do the trick. He isn't sure if it'll work 100% because he never tested it before, but Oona's determined to try it. She gets in and he starts the invention. It is a complete success as she steps out much slimmer than before. Carl is impressed by it and admits he should try it sometime. Like most of Steve's inventions, it eventually backfires and Oona reverts back to her overweight self. She runs out embarrassed by the whole thing and Steve makes a mental note to work on his fat compressing chamber more. Reverned Fuller makes a visit to the Winslow house and admitted to her that he like BBW - Big Beautiful Women.

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