Penny Peyser is a minor character who made her debut in "Laura's First Date." She is played by Ebonie Smith.


Penny is first seen in Laura's First Date and is her best friend during season 1. While hanging out at Leroy's, she told Laura that waited too long to go ask Mark out to the dance and that her only option was Urkel. Like Rodney, Penny was mean to Steve and had no patience for his antics. She has, however, shown concern for him when Urkel was threatened by a tough bully named Bull Weston. Penny disappears afterwards unexplained and is replaced by Maxine who becomes one of Laura's enduring best friends aside Greta. Penny is never seen again afterwards

Episode Appearance Edit


  • Unlike Maxine whose feelings for Urkel were more softer due to their similar family structure, Penny shared Rodney's intolerance towards him.