Paris Vacation (Part 2) is episode two of season eight from the television sitcom on Family Matters, that originally aired from ABC on September 20, 1996. It was directed by Richard Correll and written by Jim Geoghan.

Plot Edit

Stefan and Laura participate in a fashion show, while Nicole and Phillipe capture Urkel and hold him hostage inside the Paris Opera House, where he is forced to build a new teleporter.

Synopsis Edit

Stefan poses as a model for a French version of Coca-Cola and decided that modeling is his career choice. He makes his successful debut in the runway show. Meanwhile, Steve is taken with Nicole to Gilbert where he learns about her cousin's intentions to get filthy rich.

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Christopher Birt as Gilbert
  • Mathieu Delarive as Andre
  • Gilles Détroit as Phillie
  • Antoine Herbez as Guy
  • Fily Keita as Nicole
  • Sylvie Nyamuka as Angelique

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