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Number One With a Bullet
Season 4, Episode 5
Number One with a Bullet
Air Date October 23, 1992
Writer Fred Fox Jr.
Director Gary Menteer
Previous Rumor Has It...
Next Whose Kid Is It Anyway?

Number One With a Bullet is episode five of season four on Family Matters. This show was originally aired on October 23, 1992. It was written by Fred Fox Jr. and directed by Gary Menteer.

Synopsis Edit

When Steve has to have an emergency appendectomy, Carl thinks he's in store for a few nerd-free days until he is shot in the butt while trying to foil a robbery and winds up sharing the same hospital room as Urkel. But the nerd may prove a helping hand when one of the robbers wants revenge on Carl for having one of his buddies captured.

Plot Edit

During yet another unannounced visit to the Winslows, Urkel is his usual self ... propositioning Laura and getting turned down. Upon the rejection, Urkel holds his abdomen and complains of pain. As he's leaving, he passes out. The Winslows think it's another sympathy ploy, but Carl can't revive him and asks Harriette to summon an ambulance.

It turns out Steve's fine, but his appendix has ruptured and needs to rest. His own parents doesn't even bother to visit him because of the whole thing and decides to go on vacation. After a very hilarious scene where Urkel unwittingly kisses Carl (thinking him to be Laura), the Winslows visit their neighbor in the hospital. Soon, he takes Laura aside and notes they'll be Urkel-free for a week (while he recovers from his surgery).

Carl's jubilation is short-lived, as the nurse announces to Urkel that he has a roommate. Hours later, he's brought into the hospital, having just had emergency surgery on his buttocks. He was shot while foiling a robbery, but managed to capture one of the suspects. The other suspect is still at large, wanting revenge. But that isn't bothering Carl so much as now he's roommates with Urkel, and no other rooms are available. As usual, Steve causes him no end of grief, showing off his appendix and playing his accordion. Upset over the lousy food and more importantly, that he can't get his needed rest, a cranky Carl finally tells Urkel to take his accordion and toot his tune elsewhere. Steve is insulted and tells him off by mentioning he hardly appreciates him for all the kind things he's doing for him. He was trying to make Carl's stay in the hospital more enjoyable and how he does thank him, by screaming at him for no reason because he can't get any rest. Soon after, Steve leaves to cool off in the restroom with his appendix, when an orderly enters.

Of course, the orderly turns out to be the other robbery suspect. He's the one who wounded Carl in the first place, and now he's there to finish the job. The suspect reveals if he's dead then his brother Ralphie walks. However, his plans to kill Carl immediately goes down the drain as Steve emerges just in time to clonk would-be cop-killer over the head with a bedpan. Carl thanks Urkel and tells him he appreciates his company after all.

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

Recurring Edit

Cameo Edit

  • Juan Pope as Orderly (as J. Lamont Pope)
  • Christopher Darga as Jenkins
  • Annie Gagen as Charlene
  • Michael Griswold as Dr. Skiles

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the final appearance of Barry Jenner as Lt. Murtaugh. The character would be written off the show the following season and be replaced by both Captain Savage in Season 6 and Commissioner Geiss in season 8.
  • This is also the first time that Steve set Carl straight for his lack of appreciation. The next one that will follow is in season 6's Till Death Do Us Apartment, season 7's Fa La La La Lagghh (Though the latter may had more to do with Steve's disgust in Carl's greed in wanting to win the prize money) and Season 9's Throw Urkel off the Train.
  • This is the first time Steve has successfully foiled a criminal in his attempt for revenge. The later episode that would follow is season 6's My Bodyguard.

Quotes Edit


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