Money Out the Window is episode five of the fifth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, that originally aired from ABC on October 22, 1993. It was directed by Gary Menteer and written by Gary M. Goodrich.

Plot Edit

Eddie still hasn't gotten over the gambling habit, and Weasel and Waldo entice him in their football betting venture (even though Urkel warns him about the risks of gambling since he was the only one who did learn his lesson). When Eddie loses a bundle, a thug named Bones (Bubba Smith) pays him a visit, threatening him with serious injury if the debt is not settled in a timely manner. Refusing to listen to Steve, Eddie sells Carl's precious stamp to settle the debt: a decision he will regret and simply wish Bones beat him up before his father finds out. Meanwhile, Laura adds a night job to her hectic schedule to try to get more money for a car, resulting in her being tired throughout the day. Soon Harriette convinces her to focus on her day job and let them come up with the other half of the money.

Synopsis Edit

Eddie proves he has learned nothing form his previous gambling experiences as he's lured into gambling again by his friends, Waldo and Weasel.

However, Urkel is the only one who learned from what happened the last time they've gambled(at Mom's Bakery, which held an illegal, underground casino in Busted) and warns him about the consequences again. Weasel is confident in his system in betting with the team whose cities hosted the ugliest women and Eddie ignores Steve's warning not to join in.

Meanwhile, Laura is working the graveyard shift at a local coffee house. She wants to buy her own car without having her parents help her out. Unfortunately, her job causes her to be tired every morning and it was being unhealthy for her not sleeping. Pretending to sleep in her bed, Harriette is relieved and closes the door to her room. Once gone, Laura easily sneaks out of her room using the tree next to her room.

The next day, Eddie loses a bundle on his bet for the football games and Steve shakes his head, knowing that he had warned him not to go with his friends to gamble agan. Then, a tough thug and bookie, Bones pays him a visit at the house. Weasel and Waldo are excused by him right away because they payed up immediately. Bones gives him an ultimatum that if he doesn't pay up by tomorrow, he'll crush him (bone per dollar).

Eddie's scared for his own well being that he secretly sells his father's prized stamp to pay him off, against Urkel's recommendation to go get help from Carl. This decision is the one he'll later regret and wished that Bones simply beat him up before his father finds out the truth again.

One night, a worried Harriette catches Laura sneaking into her room. She has a heart-to-heart talk about the consequences of endangering her health without sleeping again. Laura tried to convince her that all she wanted to do was buy her own car without her parents helping her out and felt working two jobs can give her that opportunity.

Finally, Harriette convinces her to quit her job at the coffee house because her sneaking out at night to go to work without telling her about it is irresponsible of her. She tells Laura to concentrate on her day job and school and let them come up with the rest of money because they love her.

The next night, Eddie comes home from his work and learns his lesson the hard way when his father finds out once again. Carl tells him that he found out about him gambling again from Steve and Al, the owner of the stamp emporium. This time, Eddie is forced to come clean about what happened and explains that he didn't want to go to his dad because he was afraid of being yelled at.

Carl disciplines him for not going to him when he was in trouble and grounds him. Eddie promise he's never going to gamble with his friends again no matter how much money he makes. The father/son moment looking at stamps, is short lived when Steve shows up in his polka outfit with his accordion on his chest. He asks Eddie if he's sure that he doesn't want to go to the polka hall with them.

The younger Winslow ask if he convinced someone else to go with him. Urkel says yes and now he has a new polka partner. His partner is revealed to be Bones, whose dressed up in the same fashon as Steve, horrifying the Winslow men.

It turns out that the bookie loves polka music and loves going to the hall everyday. He tells Urkel, they should get going because he doesn't want to be late.

Both Steve and Bones leave for the polka hall playing their accordions much to the disgust of Eddie and Carl.

Cast and Characters Edit

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  • Bubba Smith as Bones

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time that Laura is sleep-famished. The first time was in The Way the Ball Bounces.
  • This is the third time Eddie was proned to gambling and refused to seek help from Carl. The first time was in Fast Eddie Winslow and the second time in Busted. This would however be broken in Season 7's Scammed.

Quotes Edit

Eddie: Waldo's mom had plastic surgery and they're throwing a welcome home party for her.
Estelle: What did she have done?
Eddie: A fanny tuck.
Waldo: We're hoping this time it stays above her knees.

Urkel: I'm going to hate myself for asking, but what in Sam Hill do ugly women have to do with football?
Weasel: Think about it, wouldn't you be a lot meaner if you came from a city full of ugly women?
Urkel: I was right. I hate myself.

Eddie: Weasel, your betting system bites! We bet on ten games and lost eight of them.
Weasel: Might I remind you that we also won two games, Mr. Glass-Is-Half-Empty?
Waldo: Hey, I want an Indian name, too!
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