Mighty weenie

Mighty Weenie, Inc. is a company that operates a chain of U.S.-based fast food restaurants specializing in hot dogs (but whether or not the restaurant offers variations, like chili dogs, is unclear). On Family Matters, there is a Chicago-based restaurant in the chain; Steve and Eddie worked there for some years, and Dave McClure (Greta's father) was Eddie and Steve's boss there before his departure in the episode "Getting Buff". Another episode, Buds 'n' Buns, reveals that employees are paid minimum wage but get a bathroom break every 6 hours.

The restaurant's menu offers hot dogs of varying sizes, plus fries and soda.

Employees Edit

Eddie Winslow - Restaurant waiter in the middle of season 4 to pay for his payments of his new car. In the end of Season 4, he was promoted to Restaurant Manager. Eddie started out from Seasons 4-7 but later quit his job in the beginning of his sophomore year of college.

Waldo Faldo - Waldo started out as a restaurant waiter but was terrible at it. Eddie remembers Waldo is a master chef and he got an A in home economics. So he moved him up to the kitchen and was a successful as a chef in Mighty Weenie. Waldo started out from Seasons 4-7.

Steve Urkel - Works the drive in and Waiter at the restaurant. Still clumsy, but he is a good worker. Steve used to work as a waiter in Rachel's place in season 2-3. No explanation when he quit. Maybe he and Laura exited in the middle of Season 4 when Rachel took a job in Detroit. Steve worked their from seasons 5-7 and he quit when he started college.

Dave McClure - He owns the chain of Mighty Weenies and he is Eddie, Steve, and Waldo's boss. Eddie is dating his daughter Greta. Dave doesn't like him or trust him. He tried to break up their relationship, he gave her daughter her ultimatum his money or Eddie. Greta chose Eddie and he cut her off. After that, they haven't spoken again.