Making the Team is episode eight of the third season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, that originally aired from ABC on November 1, 1991. It was directed by Richard Correll and written both by Gary Menteer and David W. Dulcon.

Plot Edit

Urkel is doing his best to get onto the basketball team as he claims he improved, but neither Eddie or the basket ball coach believe it, and the coach in the end makes him the water boy. Meanwhile, Laura, who just got into the cheerleading team, wants to show some new cheering to a very bossy know-it-all, but she snobbishly refuses, saying that Laura as the only freshman in the team, has no right to do anything but to follow others lead. For the first time, Laura feels ashamed and feels like an outcast, and decides to ask for advice from Steve, who has to live through that every day. Steve explains that while he does sulk about it, he is constantly reminding himself that giving up is not an option, and the one should always stand up for themselves. During the game, many of the home players get hurt, and the coach, his job being on the line, puts Steve into the game, which brings amazing results – as they start winning, Laura decides to take the matter into her own hands when the cheerleading captain is not even trying to lead her team because she thinks basketball is too boring, and does the cheer she made up herself – eventually both crowd, and the team – except for their captain – are into the new cheer. Steve's team wins, and everything ends well for both of them.

Synopsis Edit

Cast and Characters Edit

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Guest Edit

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Cameo Edit

  • Mike Geonvese as Coach Westfield
  • Bennie Lee McGowan as Mrs. Gherkin
  • Janine Jordae as Beth

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Goofs Edit

When Urkel enters the Winslow house in his apron, the right shoulder strap is hanging down. It changes to being straight on his shoulder between shots. Also, Urkel points at Laura in one shot and is quickly undoing his apron straps in the next.

Quotes Edit

Lt. Murtaugh: They're sending in that Urkel kid.
Carl: What? We've got cheerleaders taller than him.

Urkel: I've got an Uncle Dirk Urkel who was blessed with a two-foot long nose hair. Well, he got it trapped in the rear door of a Buick and was dragged eight and a half blocks.
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