This is a list of characters from the TV sitcom Family Matters.

Main characters Edit

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Except where noted, the main characters have appeared in all 215 episodes of the series.

Special recurring characters Edit

Recurring characters Edit

  • Lt. Murtaugh (18 episodes, Barry Jenner)
  • Capt. Marion Savage (3 episodes, Sherman Hemsley)
  • Commissioner Geiss (7 episodes, Dick O'Neill)
  • Nick Neidermeyer (5 episodes, Ron Orbach)
  • Jolene Santiago (3 episodes, Brigid Coulter)
  • Oneisha (5 episodes, Mari Marrow)
  • Vonda Mahoney (3 episodes, Danielle Nicolet)
  • K.C. (5 episodes, Venus DeMilo)
  • Gwendolyn (3 episodes, Naya Rivera)
  • Cassie Lynn Nubbles (3 episodes, Kim Valentine)
  • Weasel (13 episodes, Shavar Ross)
  • Rodney Beckett (7 episodes, Randy Josselyn)
  • Curtis Williams (9 episodes, Juan Lamont Pope)
  • Ted Curran (5 episodes, Patrick J. Dancy)
  • Little G. (3 episodes, Gary LeRoi Gray)
  • Principal Edgar Shimata (3 episodes, Clyde Kusatsu)
  • Vice Principal Mallet (3 episodes, Fred Willard)

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