Laura Urkel, played by Kellie Shanygne Williams, is the alternate reality's next door neighbor to the Winslows in season 4's It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Urkel.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like UrkelEdit

Laura's guardian angel, Ty, reminded her that she wished that Steve found out what it's like to be her for a day and there was a catch to her wish, he was going to make her find out what life is like as an Urkel. Sure enough Laura Urkel shows up dressed in a stereotypical, feminine version of Steve's outfit, ogling at Steve Winslow (played by Jaleel White in basically a prototype version of Stefan Urquelle). Her hair is up in high pigtails and wearing suspenders; in place of high-water jeans, however, she wears a long tartan skirt. Laura was horrified by that, but Ty uses his remote and makes her walk a mile in Urkel's shoes. During that time, she endured what it was like to have Steve yell at her the same way she's done to him and orders her to leave him alone. With her feelings hurt, Ty brings Laura back from the alternate reality version where she tells him how much it was an emotional ride and that she wished she was a lot nicer to Steve. She made good on her promise after learning her lesson during her time as Laura Urkel.

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