Larry Johnson is a retired NBA basketball player, who started his career with the Charlotte Hornets (1991-1996) and the New York Knicks (1996-2001). 

He appeared as a guest star on the Family Matters episode, "Grandmama", as his alter-ego, Grandmama. In the episode, Steve was going to team with Eddie in a 2-on-2 Basketball Tournament (where the winners get season tickets to all Chicago Bulls home games.) However, Eddie dumped Steve with Kenny "The Spider" Jackson (played by Darius's real-life brother, Donovan.) Steve has no partner for the tournament, until Estelle introduces him to her friend, Grandmama (Larry Johnson's alter-ego). The team made it to the finals, however, Grandmama injured herself, leaving Steve against Eddie. Steve's team won the tournament and the tickets. The episode ends where Steve gives Eddie Grandmama's ticket (as Steve told him that Grandmama was a fan of the Charlotte Hornets, Larry Johnson's team at the time) and Eddie accepts.