Lake Wannamuck is a fictional lake in Cook County, Illinois. It is the site of an ice-fishing trip by Carl, Eddie, and Steve.

Geography and ecosystemEdit

Lake Wannamuck's location is not stated precisely, but it is close enough to Chicago for the Winslows to make a day-trip there.

The lake freezes over during the winter months with a thick enough layer of surface ice to permit ice fishing. The fish population of the lake is unknown, but at least some of its aquatic denizens are attracted to the scent of cheese.

Role in the seriesEdit

Carl takes Eddie to Lake Wannamuck for an ice-fishing trip in the episode "Ice Station Winslow" (season 2, episode 14). Carl plans the trip as an opportunity to reconnect with Eddie, who has lately been too busy to spend time with his father.

Carl is dismayed to see that Steve has also chosen this day to travel to Lake Wannamuck, equipped with cheese for fishbait and a pair of electric longjohns for warmth. The trip goes poorly for the Winslows, though Steve has better luck at fishing.

The trip ends abruptly when Steve and Eddie's roughhousing causes a crack in the ice. Carl plunges into the frigid water, but a daring rescue by Steve gets him out in the nick of time.

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