Home Sweet Home
Season 6, Episode 25
Home Sweet Home
Air Date May 19, 1995
Writer(s) Sara V. Finney
Vida Spears
Director John Tracy
Previous They Shoot Urkels, Don't They?
Next Little Big Guy

Home Sweet Home is episode twenty-five and the finale of season six from the television sitcom on Family Matters. This show was originally aired from ABC on May 19, 1995. It was directed by John Tracy and written both by Sara V. Finney and Vida Spears.

Plot Edit

Urkel's father invents a microscopic camera that lets doctors insert it into patient's brains to search for brain damage. He is asked to showcase the camera in hospitals across Russia, prompting them to move. Urkel, not wanting to move away from his friends, tries to think of an idea. Carl, not wanting the nerd to move in with him, convinces Eddie to let Steve move in with him and Waldo. But when his mutant termites are a little too hungry, they break loose and eat the entire apartment, and once their apartment is destroyed, Eddie and Waldo are forced to move back home. Carl weighs the options, and decides to allow Steve to move in. As a reward for straight A's, Harriette and Maxine shop for a dress for Laura, but Laura dislikes it.

Synopsis Edit

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

Recurring Edit

Cameo Edit

  • Lark Voorhies as Dream Girl

Trivia Edit

  • This is the last episode to show the theme song on a regular basis. The theme song is played during two episodes in Season 7, but after that the theme song is never played again.

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