Heart Strings is episode sixteen of the fourth season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, that originally aired from ABC on February 12, 1993. It was directed by John Tracy and written both by David W. Duclon and Gary Menteer.

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Laura and Ted agree to end their relationship. However, she is heartsick and has no one to love for Valentine's Day until Urkel pays her a visit. This time Laura appreciates Steve's efforts to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Richie tries to fight off Gwendolyn who wants him to be her "Daddy Mac"! Also, Carl has a brief argument with Harriette about the way she behaves at a romantic restaurant.

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Carl and Harriette comes home from a miserable night at an unnamed romantic restaurant. When Harriette complained about their services, Carl quickly points out that her loud and abrasive attitude got them kicked out. Harriette is offended and accused him of caring what other people think about her. Carl tells her off that he was more concerned about the owners of the restaurant and how they'd react to his wife's constant demanding to move them to another table. He also felt humiliated when he saw the customers waiting there for a table, finding the whole thing amusing and applauded when they finally left. Carl and Harriette go without speaking to each other.

During this time, Laura cries on Urkel's shoulders when she tells him about Ted cheating on her. She had found out about Ted's flirting with a classmate of his in the cafeteria and she got jealous. When he claimed nothing was wrong with them being friends, Laura pointed out they're dating and that Ted can't flirt with another girl. They argued for a long time and finally, Ted decided to dump Laura for it. Urkel comes up with his latest stunt to become Laura's valentine, by pretending to be a box of chocolates. However, Laura tells him to stop and agrees to be Steve's valentine as a token of friendship.

Richie is facing another with Gwendolyn trying to be his valentine. At night in a faux restaurant setting in the Winslows' living room, he finally agrees to be her valentine. They spend the rest of the evening watching cartoons.

Carl makes it up to Harriette buying her roses and chocolates. In turn, Harriette apologizes for her behavior, not realizing Carl was trying to watch out for her. Carl then apologizes for caring about other people's thoughts. They reconcile.

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  • Naya Rivera as Gwendolyn

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Harriette: What a miserable evening.
Carl: Calm down, Harriette, you're overreacting.
Harriette: I am not! I don't ever want to go to that restaurant again
Carl: (to himself) That's just was well because we might not be allowed to go back into that restaurant again.
Harriette: WHAT?
Carl: Oh nothing, never mind!
Harriette: Oh no no no. Don't nothing, never mind me, Carl. If you have something to say, just spit it out.
Carl: Alright Harriette, you were a liiiiiiiittle abrasive tonight.
Harriette: Abrasive? I was not abrasive.
Carl: Well yeah. Maybe abrasive is the wrong word. Maybe a better word is Loud.
Harriette: LOUD?!
Carl: Like that. And you got LOUDER every time you made the Maitre 'D move us to another table.
Harriette: Carl, out first table was next to the entrance where everybody was waiting to be seated. I do not like 30 people hanging around my shoulder, saying "Hey Senora, can you eat a little faster?"
Carl: I understand that. So they picked up all our stuff and moved us.
Harriette: Yeah, right next to the bathroom. Ordinarily, I like a table right next to the water. Not when it's swirling around a porcelain tank.
Carl: I understand that. So they picked up all out stuff and moved us again.
Harriette: And deliberately sat us next to a cigar smoker.
Carl: You know you were rude to that guy, Harriette.
Harriette: I simply put out his cigar.
Carl: In his soup.
Harriette: Did I embarrass you, Carl? Is that the problem?
Carl: Yes, Harriette! To be quite frank I was embarrassed and so were all the other customers.
Harriette: No, they weren't.
Carl: Harriette, they applauded when we left. The valet gave me a tip.
Harriette: [retrieves a coupon from her purse] Ohhh no no no, Carl! You're wrong, the Maitre 'D gave me a two for one coupon.
Carl: Look at it again, Harriette. It's to another restaurant.
Harriette: Carl I am not a weak, wimpy woman whose afraid to speak her mind. Whem I'm unhappy about something, I say so.
[removes Carl's napkin from his shirt and tosses it on the coffee table]
Harriette: And it would be nice if you would support me sometimes instead of hiding behind your napkin and caring what the other people think.
Carl: I do not care what other people think.
Harriette: You most certainly do.
Carl: I do not and keep your voice down the neighbors might hear you.
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