False Arrest is the tenth episode of the first season from the television sitcom on Family Matters, which was aired from ABC on November 28, 1989. It was directed by Peter Baldwin and written by Barry Gold.

Plot Edit

An egotistical actor that the family (everyone except Carl who has valid reasons) loves named Buddy Goodrich (Ron Glass) wants to sue Carl for false arrest. The Winslow family find out Carl arrested Buddy and get upset. However, they eventually learn that Buddy actually provoked Carl and confront him for it. After ordering him out of their house, Buddy is found guilty when his assistant testifies against him in court and the smug Winslows spend the weekend slowly driving around the interstate.

Synopsis Edit

The rest of the Winslows are watching The Buddy Goodrich Show, and are big fans of the show's star Buddy Goodrich. However, Carl is the only one who isn't impressed by him for a reason: He thinks Buddy is a waste of time because of his bad way of parenting his adopted sons on the show. When he goes to get tickets to Buddy's one-man show, he notices his car parked in the handicapped spot at his place, he asks the manager to tell Buddy to move his car. The manager does is on break, but points to Buddy's dressing room. However, Buddy gets into a fight with Carl, who tries to reason with him to move it or else he'll be given a ticket and the car towed away. Instead, Buddy refuses and assaults Carl three times despite his warnings to stop and he's arrested for it.

The next day, Buddy is released from jail and scheduled for trial. He reveals on televsion that the "rogue" cop arrested him when he "didn't provoke" him (in actuality he did provoke Carl that lead to his arrest). The Winslows get mad and don't want to talk to him, even when Carl maintained he did the right thing.

During his visit to the Winslow house, Buddy offers the rest of the family free tickets to his show. Alone, he tries to get out of paying for the fine, but Carl refuses to budge and tells Buddy off that he needs to pay his fine for parking in the handicapped spot. Immediately after, he calls Buddy out on his bad way of parenting on his show and thinks it's wrong on all aspects. Carl reminds him that when the children screw up for their mistakes, they need to take responsibility for it and not the adults. However when Buddy gives himself away by telling him that he's got a good lawyer and is confident of winning the case, the Winslows having secretly listened to his confession and are angry with him because it means Carl had been right to arrest him for breaking the law. Immediately, they side with him and confront Buddy for his egotistical and narcissistic behavior. They give Buddy back the tickets, orders him to leave their house at once and never return. The rest of the Winslows soon apologize to Carl.

The next day, Buddy is found guilty for provoking Carl and not abiding the law in moving his car. His assistant testified against Buddy in court and he is forced pay a big fine along with spending the weekend picking up trash off the interstate. The episode ends with the smug Winslows taking a slow drive on the interstate to embarrass him more.

Cast Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Ron Glass as Buddy Goodrich
  • Shawn Phelan as Mickey
  • Justin Gocke as Teddy
  • Neil Eliot as Stage Hand
  • Thom Adcox-Hernandez as Roger

Trivia Edit

  • The original cold open to this episode featured Harriette telling Rachel she's putting Carl on a new diet. Then Eddie, Laura and Judy come down and complain about what Harriette made for their school lunch, so they leave it on the counter. Carl comes down and sees the extra food and thinks it's part of his lunch. After the original airing of this episode, the producers replaced it with a new cold open to feature Eddie helping Steve Urkel lift weights to make it look as if Urkel was on from the beginning. The first season DVD set uses the original version.
  • "The Buddy Goodrich Show" is a spoof of the 1978-1986 sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes" with the races of parent and children flip-flopped.
  • Even though Buddy's assistant didn't see Buddy assault Carl he could've heard it from the dressing room or was off screen when he saw it

Quotes Edit

Carl: Mama, you mean to say you'd rather watch Buddy Goodrich than listen to me?
Estelle: Well, you're here every night. He's only on once a week!

Judy (looking at her lunch): This sandwich is made with chunky peanut butter!
Laura (looking at her lunch): Meat loaf? I can't eat that, I'm a vegetarian!
Harriette: Since when?
Laura: Since yesterday! When Barney McGuire laughed so hard that bologna came out of his nose.
Harriette: Laura! Ugh!
Eddie (looking at his lunch): Mustard? Mom, there's mustard on my sandwich! I hate mustard!
Harriette: Look, I'm not running a restaurant here, okay? Work it out for yourselves, I've got to check on the laundry!
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