Edward James Arthur "Eddie" Urkel(born January 28, 1974) played by Darius McCrary, is the nerdy alter-ego form of Eddie Winslow.

Season 8 Edit

Eddie got an invitation on the game show "What Do You Know?" and wanted Steve to go in his place, hoping to use his unlimited knowledge to clean up on the show. Urkel refused to cooperate and told him to go study for the show instead. Eddie decides to pay him back by going into the transformation chamber and became Eddie Urkel. Hoping to use his unlimited genius to clean up on the show, Eddie learns his lesson the hard way about studying and working hard for it when Steve comes on the show as a contestant to stop him. They matched wits for a while in the scientific and other intellectual categories that made the third contestant, Lyle, feel inadequate.

By the end of the show, both Stevie and Eddie have 3970 points while Lyle got only 10. However, they answered the game's bonus question, which asked for the name of a model who appeared in a recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine, incorrectly and bet all of their points, resulting in Lyle winning.

Eddie then is more than happy to return to his normal self and has learned his lesson.


  • Unlike Laura and Carl whom both endured life as Steve Urkel in being yelled at and learned their lessons immediately, Eddie's motivation for wanting to be like Urkel were purely out of greed because he wanted to win the new car on a intellectual game show called "What Do You Know".
  • However like Laura and Carl, Eddie learned a hard lesson. In his case, Eddie eventually realizes the pitfalls of having such an unlimited genius when Urkel proved his lack of studying skills and the fact he never worked hard to maintain his intellect.
  • Eddie Urkel is the only male alter-ego of Eddie Winslow that is a villain which leads to a genius match with Steve in the game show "What Do You Know?"