Dream Date
Season 7, Episode 22
Dream Date
Air Date April 26, 1996
Writer(s) Fred Fox Jr.
Jim Geoghan
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Scammed
Next A Ham is Born

Dream Date is episode twenty-two of season seven from the television sitcom on Family Matters. This show was originally aired from ABC on April 26, 1996. It was directed by Joel Zwick and written both by Fred Fox Jr. and Jim Geoghan.

Plot Edit

Their dates are unable to go to the senior prom (Curtis' grandmother had just died, and Myra fell ill at the last moment), leaving Urkel and Laura dateless. So they decide to go together and it proves to be Laura's dream come true—and a once-in-a-lifetime night for Steve as well. Meanwhile, the obnoxious Nick Neidermeyer (Ron Orbach) returns. This time, he's the Winslows' next-door neighbor.

Synopsis Edit

When their respective dates are unavailable for the prom, Urkel offers to take Laura to the senior dance. The night is Urkel's dream come true ... and a wonderful time for Laura as well.

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

Recurring Edit

Cameo Edit

  • Brooke Marie Procida as Donna Santangelo
  • Jerome Jones as Himself
  • Kelton Kessee as Himself
  • John Patrick White as Robbins

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