Crazy for You (Part 1) is episode fourteen of season nine from the television sitcom on Family Matters. This show was originally aired from CBS on January 23, 1998. It was directed by Richard Correll and written by Jim Geoghan.

Plot Edit

Myra begins her attack on the Steve Urkel-Laura Winslow relationship with the help of her "Stevie-Glasses-Cam" (placed on Steve's glasses unbeknownst to him) and enlists the help of Stefan Urquelle to try to spoil an upcoming Saturday night date. However, Stefan soon feels guilty about the whole thing and stops after realizing how insane Myra really is. Meanwhile, Carl tries to show a trigger-happy Eddie a lesson in good judgment during police training.

Synopsis Edit

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

  • Ray Laska as Keresey
  • Ira Heiden as Cadet

Trivia Edit

  • Judyann Elder's (Harriette) first appearance.

Quotes Edit


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