Cousin Urkel is the episode eight of the second season in this television sitcom on Family Matters, that originally aired from ABC on November 2, 1990. It was directed by Gary Menteer and written both by Pamela Eells and Sally Lapiduss.

Plot Edit

After Steve annoys the entire neighborhood with his late-night playing of "Feelings" to serenade Laura (at Eddie's encouragement), he is sent to live with relatives in Mississippi. The Winslows think they're in for a few Urkel-free bugless weeks, when in pops Myrtle Urkel, the splitting (albeit girly) image of her cousin (played by Jaleel White). Myrtle immediately sets her sights on Eddie, and Laura does everything she can to encourage her to get revenge. That is until Carl and Harriette upon learning about their pranks grounds both Eddie and Laura and forces them to apologize to both Steve and Myrtle when Steve returns from his visit to his Southern relatives.

Synopsis Edit

While playing Gin Rummy with Carl (originally consenting to one hand at first, but deciding to play another game with him just for kicks), Steve watches Eddie comes home angry with Laura for replacing his deodorant with Jheri Curl as a prank. Swearing revenge on her, he encourages Urkel to serenade her at night. He does that with his rendition of Feelings. However, it not only fails to impress Laura but also annoys the neighbors. They take action by not only forcing Steve down from the tree, but also threw a lot of stuff at the Urkel home. Laura realizes she was set up by Eddie as Urkel continues singing.

Later on as the Winslows enjoy their meal, Steve's cousin from Biloxi, Myrtle arrives as an exchange for her father taking Steve for two weeks. Immediately she is enamored with Eddie much to his extreme terror and Laura's delight. After failing to impress him, Laura encourages her to sneak inside his room and kiss him. Later on that night, she does kiss Eddie, but he is horrified. Soon enough Carl and Harriette finds out about the prank war between him and Laura. They call their children out for what they've done, including tricking Steve and Myrtle in their plans for revenge. Immediately Carl and Harriette grounds Eddie and Laura and makes them apologize to both of them, after Steve returns from visiting his relatives in Biloxi.

After Steve returns, Eddie and Laura apologizes to him and Myrtle. Myrtle wants some time with her cousin to discuss their plans. After Eddie and Laura leaves, she discusses their plan of action with Steve. While they agree that what Eddie and Laura did was wrong, both are convinced they love Steve and Myrtle. While that's going on, Eddie and Laura discuss about having two Urkels in their lives. Eddie is only happy at the prospect that Myrtle is going back home, while Laura must deal with Steve. The Urkel cousins forgive them, but Myrtle is convinced to tell Big Daddy to move up to Chicago so she can be with Eddie. He and Laura are disgusted as Steve and Myrtle cuddle up to them.

Cast and Characters Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Myrtle Mae Urkel, though her middle name is not revealed until much later.

Quotes Edit

[Steve and Carl are playing Gin Rummy when an infuriated, Eddie and Laura come into the house.]
Laura: It was just a little practical joke.
Eddie: Well it wasn't funny. How would you like it if I put Jheri Curl in your deodorant?

[Steve has just fallen off the tree and onto the Coopers' pet Doberman, Damien. Carl enters her room with Eddie, who is struggling to stifle his laughter.]
Carl: Laura, what's going on in here?
Laura: Well I guess Steve was practicing his accordion. He woke me up too.
Carl: That boy is Looney Tunes. Well if he does it again, I'm gonna grab his bellows and make a wish.

Laura: So, Myrtle, how long are you gonna be around?
Myrtle: Oh, just two weeks. My parents would only take Steve if Steve's parents promised to take me.
Rachel: Sort of an Urkel Exchange Program?
Myrtle: Exactly, honey!
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