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Clarence Baines


First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
"Jailhouse Blues"
Portrayed by:
Others Names:
Easy C
Unnamed mother
Harriette Winslow (cousin)
Rachel Crawford (cousin)
Jimmy Baines (uncle)
Eddie Winslow (second cousin)
Laura Winslow (second cousin)
Judy Winslow (second cousin)
Richie Crawford (second cousin)

Clarence Baines is Eddie, Laura and Judy's 2nd cousin. He is also Harriette and Rachel's cousin from another family member. He lives in Detroit and makes his only appearance in Jailhouse Blues.

Clarence is not very innocent as one can guess after Carl Winslow reveals that Clarence took six suitcases from the airport and only two were his. Later, Clarence's true colors are reveals after he steals a red car with his female friends. He tempts Eddie into going with him and kidnaps Steve so he can't report them to the authorities. However, the police catch them after Urkel's advice in not going on the joy ride was best heeded. Luckily, the owner of the car is willing to drop the charges and Lt. Murtaugh takes Clarence, Eddie and Steve home. Enraged, Carl is ready to yell at him for his actions, but is stopped when Harriette tells him to deal with Eddie instead. Once he leaves, she reprimands Clarence for stealing the car and taking Eddie and Steve with him. Harriette explains that he was not cool because of his attitude and that being cool is about being respectful and doing the right thing. Clarence is only sorry that he got caught, but is remorseless for his actions. Seeing how remorseless he is for his actions and is disgusted by his behavior, Harriette decides to send him home the very next day to live with his grandmother as his parents want nothing to do with him.


  • He is the first character to come from Detroit, Michigan. Cornelius Eugene Urkel (one of Steve's cousins) would follow in season 9. However unlike Clarence, he actually cleans up his act and is mentored well by Carl, or rather would have had the show continue for its final tenth season.
  • Clarence's last name is Baines as revealed in his mug shot during the episode.
  • He and Jimmy Baines have the same last name, though they are not releated.

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