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Cassie Lynn Nubbles is the mean girl of Vandebilt High school. She is Laura Winslow and Steve Urkel arch nemesis. She is portrait by Kim Valentine.

She is like any other mean girl who is popular, pretty and look down on outsiders. She is Laura Winslow rival. She only recurred three episodes around season 3 and talks like a valley girl. She even competed against Laura for cheerleading, Cassie Lynn is head Cheerleader and Laura is the new cheerleader. Laura wanted to make changes on the cheers, but Cassie Lynn said no and treated her like dirt. Her plan backfired when she refused to cheer for the basketball team that was loosing. Laura made the new cheers that made her more popular and help their basketball team win the big game. She was student council president and ran against Laura. People like her. She even tried to smear campaign her when she sees laura cuddling steve urkel for photographs. Urkel fought back when he kissed Cassie Lynn, both of them want to hurl. Steve gave Cassie ultimatum, they both want a fair election and both of them will not publish their photos or Steve goes public with the photos. Cassie Lynn gave in and not publish her photos. She even take a lot of mouthwash when Urkel kissed her and so does Steve. Laura won the election fair and square and Cassie Lynn demands a recount, after that she was written out for the rest of the series.

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