Born to Be Mild
Season 3, Episode 9
Born to Be Mild
Air Date November 15, 1991
Writer(s) Jim Geoghan
Director John Tracy
Previous Making the Team
Next The Love God

Born to Be Mild is episode nine of season three from the television sitcom on Family Matters. This show was originally aired from ABC on November 8, 1991. It was directed by John Tracy and written by Jim Geoghan.

Plot Edit

A street gang, known as "The Dragons", come into the Rachel's Place, and try to stir up trouble. But luckily, Carl comes by just in time to stop it. When back at home later in the evening, the Winslows receive a police call that The Dragon trashed Rachel's Place and brutally beat up Eddie while he was getting back from a date. Carl is furious and wants revenge. But Steve stops him, saying he shouldn't do anything stupid, or he might lose his badge. Therefore, Steve voluntarily offers to go into the lair of "the Dragons" under a disguise, wired. He keeps them busy long enough to make them confess their crimes, and Carl and his partner barge in at the last moment to arrest them and save Steve.

Synopsis Edit

A street gang known as the Dragons causes trouble at Rachel's Place. They harass Urkel (by hanging him by his suspenders on a coat rack), make fresh comments to Laura and Rachel, and damage glassware. Rachel orders the gang members out, but Chain, the gang's leader, has everyone pick tables, chairs, and more malt glasses so they can cause major damage. Just then, Carl shows up and, knowing what was about to happen, asks what's going on. The gang decides to leave (but not before Carl asks Chain to pay for the broken glasses).

That night, Rachel and the others laughed talk about how Carl taught the Dragons a lesson in manners and respect. Then, the phone rings. It's Carl and it's the worst news imaginable ... a gang, likely the Dragons, have heavily vandalized Rachel's Place. The damage is far worse than Rachel had ever feared. Tables and chairs lying everywhere, video games damaged, the glasses and china broken, including The Dragon's logo spray painted. Carl reassures her that they'll catch the Dragons, but warns her that they will be back on the streets since one or more people will back up their alibi about being somewhere else when all this happened. Rachel asks him if the Dragons can do whatever they want and get away with it. Carl refuses to go that far, but Eddie staggers into Rachel's Place, beaten up badly and tells them that they can.

Minutes later, Harriette has an ice pack on Eddie as he tells them about what happened when he was out walking back from his date. He was minding his own business, when the Dragons had jumped out from behind a parked van, attacked him and beat him up. Fortunately, Harriette is able to treat the injuries, which are not serious, but she still wants to put antiseptic on his wounds to clean it up. Rachel and Laura are resigned to cleaning up the mess that the Dragons made to Rachel's Place. Immediately, Carl is outraged and wants to take matters into his own hands. Steve begs him to reconsider because he's a cop. Carl refuses by insisting he's a father first and wants to handle the situation his own way since it was his son that was attacked. Urkel refuses and warns Carl that if he took matters into his own hands, he'll be charged with police brutality by the Dragons and he'll lose his badge. He manages to persuade Carl to handle things the right way by allowing him to pose as a bloodthirsty and prospect gangster who is seeking to get into the Dragons.

At the house, Carl is dressing Steve up as a prospect gangster and tries to convince him to back away while he still can. Urkel refuses, claiming that he wants revenge just as much as he does and reassures him that he'll be fine. He'll be hooked to a wire, and Steve's conversation with Chain will be tape-recorded. Lt. Murtaugh tells them the plan while Urkel's in the Dragon's hangout, he and Carl will be in a white van listening to their conversation.

At first, things go off smoothly. But as Urkel continues to ask questions, one of the more talkative members lets slip that he and the other Dragons caused the vandalism and beat up Eddie. Chain tells the others to shut up and then says he suspects that Urkel was wired. Carl and Lt. Murtagh (who have been listening to the entire proceedings from their surveilance van) have to run in to save Urkel's life. Even though they are handcuffed together thanks to Murtagh's immaturity, they manage to get the job done and Rachel's Place was restored to it's original state. Steve is rewarded as a hero for putting the Dragons away for a long time.

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

Recurring Edit

Cameo Edit

  • Juan Lamont Pope as Chain (as J. Lamont Pope)
  • Jaime Cardriche as Osgood

Trivia Edit

  • J. Lamont Pope plays Chain, the leader of The Dragons. In Season 7–8, he plays Laura's boyfriend Curtis. He will also play one of the orderlies in the episode "Number One With a Bullet" in Season 4. When he begins his role as Curtis, it is possible that this character is a reformed Chain, but this is unconfirmed.

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