Baby Girl, played by Natalie Deselle(and later by Maya Lott), is a female tough thug who hangs out with her equally tough friends Chante and Dornita.

My Big BrotherEdit

She first appeared in season 7's My Big Brother(in hornor of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Association). When Urkel showed up to 3J's part of the neighborhood to confront him about his inability to read, she and her friends gave him a hard time. He was only saved by 3J whom happened to be friends with Baby Girl, Chante and Dornita. He gave the girls $50 in order to leave Steve alone, unaware that he took the money out of their pockets and gave it to them as his own.

Karate KidsEdit

Baby Girl and her friends return in season 8's Karate Kids and they gave Steve the very same trouble. By that time, he was able to chase them away by hosing them out of Lakeside Park. Sometime later, she and her friends return with unfortunately her boyfriend, Renaldo, and his gang, the Piranhas. They quickly ran Urkel, Richie, 3J and the rest kids out of the park. However, they returned as their Bruce Lee counterparts to even the score and take back the park. Baby Girl and her friends haven't been seen since.


  • In her first appearance, Baby Girl and her gang were friends with 3J. It's unknown why they stopped being friends.
  • In Karate Kids, Baby Girl is revealed to have a boyfriend named Renaldo