Aunt Clotilda


First Appearance:
"Busted (mentioned)"
Last Appearance:
"Busted (mentioned)"
Harriette Winslow (great niece)
Rachel Crawford (great niece)

Aunt Clotilda is Harriette and Rachel's deceased great aunt. Mentioned appearance only Busted from another family member.


Upon hearing about of their great-aunt Clotilda's untimely death, Harriette and Rachel were tasked with scattering her ashes in Lake Michigan. However, Carl accidentally mistakes her urn for a candy tin and dumps Clotilda's ashes in a hefty bag. He realizes his mistake when Harriette reveals to him it's an urn wit their great-aunt's ashes in them. Convincing them into letting him come and leaving the urn with him, Carl manages to cover for his mistake by not only putting all of Clotilda's ashes in the urn, but also a mixture of a fire log. He soon apologizes to her ashes for his mistake. However, Harriette finds out and punishes Carl by making him take her out to dinner at Chez Josephine's.


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