A Pair of Ladies
Season 3, Episode 12
A Pair of Ladies
Air Date December 6, 1991
Writer(s) Fred Fox Jr.
Director John Tracy
Previous Old and Alone
Next Choir Trouble

A Pair of Ladies is episode twelve of season three from the television sitcom on Family Matters. This show was originally aired from ABC on December 6, 1991. It was directed by John Tracy and written by Fred Fox Jr.

Plot Edit

Rachel, in need of some help at an understaffed Rachel's Place, enlists Harriette's help. However, the two soon get into a huge argument after well-meaning Harriette is all too eager to offer suggestions. Meanwhile, Urkel joins in Carl's poker night and gets cleaned out by the hustling Lt. Murtaugh. Soon, Steve gets his revenge on him when he beats Murtaugh with a four of a kind.

Synopsis Edit

Cast and Characters Edit

Main Edit

Guest Edit

Recurring Edit

Cameo Edit

  • Keone Young as Fred Yamano
  • Bob Delegall as George Randolph
  • Daniel Faraldo as Ramon
  • Malaika as Lisa
  • Thom Curley as The Coach

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

Lt. Murtaugh: [after Steve insults him] Sticks and stones may break my bones but
Lt. Murtaugh: I've got all your money.

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